Country of origin labelling for food advertising campaign

Find more information here on the national advertising campaign for country of origin labelling for food, including campaign objectives and campaign materials.

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What are the objectives of the campaign?

The objectives of the country of origin labelling for food campaign are to:

build awareness

among Australian consumers about the Australian Government's reforms to country of origin labelling for food.

build understanding

of the symbols/logos on the labels and what they men, to ensure Australian consumers understand the new labelling system so they can make informed decisions about their food purchases.

address consumer confusion and clarify the new meaning

of terms such as 'Made in', 'Product of' or 'Packed in'.

Materials for culturally and linguistically diverse audiences

Selected campaign materials have been developed in languages other than English.

What research is available?

Information on the country of origin labelling for food reforms, including consumer research, is available at